See Me.

In August of 2017 I decided to stop shaving. I have never enjoyed shaving. It's a chore. It's expensive. It's annoying. Then once the hair starts to grow in, the stubble, it's prickly and uncomfortable. Sometimes it's itchy. I decided that I had had enough of removing my body hair for someone else...a partner, society, the judgmental onlooker.  I started thinking about why we shave and why we, as a society, deem hair dirty or unclean.  I'm fascinated by the way a society becomes molded by stipulations put onto it by something so simple as an advertisement campaign or the fashion industry. I'm even more interested in the way our brains are then shaped to believe the worst about ourselves based on incomplete truths and outright lies. I may begin shaving again, as summer approaches. I, too, am human and affected by society. I studied Psychology and then became a photographer. It's lovely to me to see that the two studies are coming together. 

I began my Darkroom Photography course at The Community College of Rhode Island in January. As the final project got closer, I started thinking about all the projects I've done in the past few years and if I wanted to expand on one of those. I didn't. Then something popped into my brain. A friend had a photograph on his wall of two tiny figures next to a nipple. The first time I saw it I had no idea what I was looking at.  Out of context, it was something different.  His father had made that image years ago. I was fascinated by it. I wanted to do something like that for my project. Of course, me being me, I needed to add some depth to it. I need my projects to be about something bigger than me and incorporate something we can all relate to. As seen in my other works, the theme of "we all have something" is evident. 

Here I bring you Body is a Battlefield. I hope you know that you're not alone in any of your own thoughts and feelings. You're not alone in your illnesses or scars or body shape or size. You're not alone in the pain you feel or the pain you've inflicted. While the people who surround you may not understand, someone out in the world does. I promise you that. 

*Note: The words in each post may be based on statements made by participants but may also be mixed in with my own words.